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La Maçonne

Women's Freemasonry - USA

Avec 3 loges aux USA, la Grande Loge Féminine de Belgique fait une première, quand on sait tant il est difficile de faire vivre une franc-maçonnerie féminine et mixte dans les pays anglo-saxons.

Je peux regretter dans un premier temps le peu d'informations qu'elles laissent sur elles. Ce regret est vite oublié par la partie « History » du blog.


The most widely circulated story of a woman Mason in the U.S. is that of Catherine Babington, who lived in Kentucky in the 1800's. Near her house was a two-story building used by Masons as a Lodge room. Catherine is said to have concealed herself in the hollow pulpit at every meeting of the Lodge for more than a year, seeing all the degrees and learning all the work. She was finally discovered and on being closely questioned, she showed a remarkably proficient knowledge of the ritual. She was kept in custody for more than a month, while the Lodge decided what to do with her. She was eventually obligated but not admitted into the order. If the story is true, it is again an isolated case and is not indicative of the acceptance of women in Masonic Lodges.


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